We exist to protect the assets and income of our clients by proactively determining their needs and delivering the products and services necessary for them to become the best and most successful in their respective industries.


DMIG-U-FINALDMIG-U was born out of our commitment to deliver valuable services and information to our clients, enabling them to maintain safe, compliant, healthy and productive workplaces.

The seminars and training offered by DMIG-U Property and Casualty provide the employer, manager, and worker with the necessary tools to reduce exposure to injuries and citations, effectively making those businesses more attractive risks in the insurance marketplace.  This, together with the inevitable by-product of effective safety programs – enhanced morale and productivity – ultimately makes our clients better and more successful.

Our job as agents and brokers is not only to effectively cover our clients, but to create the conditions where DMIG clients can learn and improve.  The natural result of this is evidence that we can present to our insurance carrier partners showing that they can make a profit insuring our well informed and improving business partners for as little premium as possible.

We have an exciting curriculum in store for you in 2017!  Please contact us for more information.